Here’s a downloadable pdf of the schedule for July 15-18 (in Nottingham) and with information on the reading in London (July 20th), including how to buy tickets for that event.

on the radio

Or something like that. You can hear about the Nottingham Poetry Series and the upcoming festival and conference in a podcast with LeftLion, Nottingham’s indie paper, here.


We’ve had some emails asking where events will be taking place! Well, never fear–ticketholders will receive workshop location information by post and email between June 21 and July 1 (depending on how fast we can allocate workshops and collate registration packets and stuff envelopes).

1. Thursday night, July 15th: Wayne Burrows, editor of Staple Magazine,will host a Q&A session at Metro Café Beeston with all the poets (except Kerri French, who, due to work commitments, will not be present). This is at 6 p.m. and is FREE and open to the public.

2. Friday night, July 16th, there will be a reading with Zachary Carlsen, James Cihlar, Shana Youngdahl, and Laressa Dickey at Metro Café Beeston. Metro is on the High Road, just before the pedestrianised area in the east end of Beeston. This is at 6 p.m. and is FREE and open to the public.

3. Sunday night, July 18th, there will be a reading featuring all six poets: Zachary Carlsen, Kerri French, James Cihlar, Shana Youngdahl, Éireann Lorsung, and Laressa Dickey. This will be at 7 p.m. in the Angear Visitors Centre at Lakeside on the University of Nottingham campus. We are pleased to announce that the reading will be interpreted in British Sign Language.


Angear Visitors Centre:

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Metro Café Beeston:

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Replacement workshops

1. All ticketholders who have requested ‘Revision Bootcamp’ and who are assigned it will have no change; it will be taught by James Cihlar.

2. Ticketholders who have requested either ‘Breaking into the House’ or ‘The Contemporary Elegy’ will automatically have these workshops substituted for with the two workshops Shana Youngdahl is teaching (see below). If you would prefer a different workshop, please email thisis {@} with your choice (see sidebar for links to workshop descriptions).

History in Poetry: The Personal and The Epic

In this session we’ll look at the different ways history is used in poetry to connect us to our past, shed light on our presents, and help us re-imagine the world. We will examine poets writing about personal history as well as the more “epic” national histories or histories of the ages. A few of the poets we will look at include William Heyen, Lola Haskins, Lucie Brock-Broido, Shelley Puhak and others. We’ll talk about what stories speak to us and consider technical issues brought up by evoking history in our poetry.

The Blank Slate: Ideas for Getting Started

How do we begin our writing practices? When we’ve just finished a project or if we’ve just started writing–or if we have five minutes to ourselves–how can we devote our time to writing? How can we use the blank slate of beginning to our advantage? In this session we’ll look at how different writers keep up the practice of their craft as well as do a variety of exercises together geared at jump-starting our brains and filling our slates.

who, revised

Lemons –> lemonade. Although we’re sad to announce that due to a medical emergency Alex Lemon will no longer appear, we’re over the moon that not one but two very talented poets will join us in July in his place, swelling our ranks to six. James Cihlar is an astute and deft editor, as well as an award-winning poet. Shana Youngdahl’s second book, Of Nets, was designed, printed, and bound by none other than Zachary Carlsen; her first, Donner: A Passing, tells the peculiarly American tale of the Donner party.

James Cihlar, former editor at Milkweed Editions and author of Undoing, is widely published in journals such as Painted Bride Quarterly, Quercus, Bloom, The James White Review,Verse Daily, as well as in the anthologies Aunties (Ballantine), Regrets Only (Little Pear Press), and Nebraska Presence. He holds a Minnesota State Arts Board grant for poetry and was the winner of the Glenna Luschei Award from Prairie Schooner. He is now the books editor at American Poetry Journal.


Shana Youngdahl is the author of the chapbook Donner: A Passing (Finishing Line Press 2008) and of the artist’s book Of Nets (Gendun Editions 2010).  Her individual poems have appeared in the anthology White Ink: Poems on Mothers and Motherhood, and widely in journals such as Third Coast, The Briar Cliff Review and Shenandoah.  She is the recipient of  a grant from the Iowa Arts Council.  Her full-length collection History, Advice and Other Half-Truths is a finalist for the Hudson Prize.

just one more week

…to convince yourself that yeah, it’s worth it to spend four days with other poets and writers, talking, thinking, working, eating, and living and breathing poetry.

Four days of craft. Four days of workshops. Four days of inspiration, exercises, excitement, new ideas, new things to read. Four days to meet other poets coming from all over the UK, Ireland, Lebanon, Russia, and the US (of course). Four days to strike up working relationships with people whose writing will challenge, inspire, provoke, and teach you.

Need we even mention that the lovely Atlas Deli is catering our lunches on Friday and Saturday? Good food, good company, great conversation. Time for your work. Time for you as a poet.

Come join us.

change in plans

Due to a medical emergency, there will be some changes in the festival lineup. Never fear, this won’t affect the number of workshops we’re offering, or your tickets, or the dates. It does mean we have to make some adjustments and big decisions this week, and, subsequently, that ticketholders’ registration packets won’t go out in the mail until after the 18th of June.

We are therefore EXTENDING ticket sales until the 18th of June as well.

Specific changes will be announced at the end of this week (11 June). Ticketholders will also receive an email with details.

Thanks for your patience, understanding, and continued support.

ticket options

So. You really want to come, but you’re not sure you can get work off for two days. Or you want to come, but can’t commit your whole weekend.

No problem! You can still purchase an all-inclusive pass. Because there are seven workshops available for the combination of most days, all you have to do is make sure you put a note in your PayPal ‘note to seller’ (where you specify your workshops) that says you can’t make whichever of the days are difficult.Yep, you still get lunch (as long as you’re here Friday, Saturday, or both) and dinner (if you’re here on Saturday).

See, that was easy! And you can still come and get poetried up for a couple of days. And we’ll be glad to have you along.

Imaginary gardens. Real toads.


You could say, of course, there are things that are important beyond all this fiddle. But, you might go on, there is, in it, after all, a place for the genuine.

And then you’d probably want to pat yourself on the back for integrating Marianne Moore’s poem “Poetry” so seamlessly into your daily life.

We’ve been busy printing tote bags for the conference shop–but you can get your hands on one ahead of time in our webshop. We’ll even do you a deal: one is £6, two are £10, and three are £14!  Without further ado, we’d like to present for inspection, imaginary gardens with real toads in them.

In the meantime, if you demand on one hand, the raw material of poetry in all its rawness and that which is on the other hand genuine, then you are interested in poetry. (You can find Moore’s poem here.)

(Oh, and PS: the Nottingham Poetry Series is on flickr now, too.)

tickets: on sale now!

Just as it says, tickets are now on sale in our webshop! All four days (that’s seven workshops and three meals, plus invitations to other meals, readings, and gatherings) are only £75 (£25 concessions). If you’ll be coming from far away, mention that in the ‘note to seller’ part of your PayPal, and we’ll send you the name of a local guesthouse who are holding rooms at £20/night (single/per person).

You can also purchase a one-on-one conference to compliment your conference experience. These are twenty-minute meetings with one of the five poets. You’ll submit work in advance, and they will give you oral feedback. It’s a chance for an intensive and constructive discussion of your work. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

So–head on over to the shop and check out what’s on!