things to do in beeston & nottingham

While you’re here for the conference, you might want to spend time exploring Beeston and Nottingham. Here’s a small guide to get you started.

Food: In Beeston, very close to the conference site, there is an organic grocery store, a large Sainsbury’s, a bakery, a greengrocer, and several smaller food shops and off-licenses in Beeston. In addition, there are many cafés, including Metro, the Bean, Belle and Jerome, and Bird’s;Yun’s and the Dancing Dragon sell Chinese food; the Flying Goose is a vegetarian café open during the day and serving breakfast and lunch; Seasons serves well-prepared, locally sourced dinners.

Shopping: Beeston’s high road is lined with charity shops as well as the usual selection of high street chains.There is a Boots (pharmacy); there are also branches of many national banks, including NatWest, HSBC, and Barclay’s.

A 40-minute walk from Beeston is the Attenborough Nature Reserve, which boasts miles of trails along the River Trent; slightly closer, the University grounds are beautiful and open to the public, as are the grounds ofWollaton Park, which also contains a natural history museum featuring glass models of sea life and 19th-century taxidermy.

A canal runs from Beeston all the way to Nottingham. While we don’t advise walking alone or at night, it is a lovely walk (about 4 miles).

The Southwell Poetry Festival runs concurrently to our events in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, and may interest you.

If you are in the mood for a film, dinner, or cup of tea in Nottingham, check out Broad Street, where these things can all be found in spades.