Replacement workshops

1. All ticketholders who have requested ‘Revision Bootcamp’ and who are assigned it will have no change; it will be taught by James Cihlar.

2. Ticketholders who have requested either ‘Breaking into the House’ or ‘The Contemporary Elegy’ will automatically have these workshops substituted for with the two workshops Shana Youngdahl is teaching (see below). If you would prefer a different workshop, please email thisis {@} with your choice (see sidebar for links to workshop descriptions).

History in Poetry: The Personal and The Epic

In this session we’ll look at the different ways history is used in poetry to connect us to our past, shed light on our presents, and help us re-imagine the world. We will examine poets writing about personal history as well as the more “epic” national histories or histories of the ages. A few of the poets we will look at include William Heyen, Lola Haskins, Lucie Brock-Broido, Shelley Puhak and others. We’ll talk about what stories speak to us and consider technical issues brought up by evoking history in our poetry.

The Blank Slate: Ideas for Getting Started

How do we begin our writing practices? When we’ve just finished a project or if we’ve just started writing–or if we have five minutes to ourselves–how can we devote our time to writing? How can we use the blank slate of beginning to our advantage? In this session we’ll look at how different writers keep up the practice of their craft as well as do a variety of exercises together geared at jump-starting our brains and filling our slates.

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