thank you

To the 35 people who are taking a chance on four days of poetry with us this July. We’re excited to meet you and to get to know you and to read and write and think with you.

Ticket sales are now closed. You can still purchase tote bags in [...]

a little more time

Hi there, ticket-seekers and ticketholders.

So, our ‘official’ deadline for ticket sales is tonight. But we’ve had a couple of requests recently for a little more time. With that in mind, we’ll cut you this deal: ticket sales will be open until further notice–further notice being most likely early this week, once all existing orders have [...]


Here’s a downloadable pdf of the schedule for July 15-18 (in Nottingham) and with information on the reading in London (July 20th), including how to buy tickets for that event.

on the radio

Or something like that. You can hear about the Nottingham Poetry Series and the upcoming festival and conference in a podcast with LeftLion, Nottingham’s indie paper, here.


We’ve had some emails asking where events will be taking place! Well, never fear–ticketholders will receive workshop location information by post and email between June 21 and July 1 (depending on how fast we can allocate workshops and collate registration packets and stuff envelopes).

1. Thursday night, July 15th: Wayne Burrows, editor of Staple Magazine,will [...]

Replacement workshops

1. All ticketholders who have requested ‘Revision Bootcamp’ and who are assigned it will have no change; it will be taught by James Cihlar.

2. Ticketholders who have requested either ‘Breaking into the House’ or ‘The Contemporary Elegy’ will automatically have these workshops substituted for with the two workshops Shana [...]

who, revised

Lemons –> lemonade. Although we’re sad to announce that due to a medical emergency Alex Lemon will no longer appear, we’re over the moon that not one but two very talented poets will join us in July in his place, swelling our ranks to six. James Cihlar is an astute and deft editor, [...]

just one more week

…to convince yourself that yeah, it’s worth it to spend four days with other poets and writers, talking, thinking, working, eating, and living and breathing poetry.

Four days of craft. Four days of workshops. Four days of inspiration, exercises, excitement, new ideas, new things to read. Four days to meet other poets coming from all over [...]

change in plans

Due to a medical emergency, there will be some changes in the festival lineup. Never fear, this won’t affect the number of workshops we’re offering, or your tickets, or the dates. It does mean we have to make some adjustments and big decisions this week, and, subsequently, that ticketholders’ registration packets won’t go out in [...]